Sivko Fur, Incorporated - Tanning for Taxidermy. The BEST tannery for taxidermists around the world. Sivko Fur is located in upstate New York
SIVKO FUR INC. is a Full Service Tannery for the Taxidermy Industry providing wholesale fleshing, wet and dry tanning.


~ Our turn around time as of 9/1/19:

  North American wet tan: 4 weeks or less.
North American dry tan: 3 months or less.
African or big North American wet tan:12-18 months.
African or big North American dry tan: 18-24 months.

All pictures taken within a 3 mile radius of our property. Courtesy of Richard Sills. Unless otherwise noted.



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Here are some recommendations and words of appreciation for Sivko Fur Inc - the Best Tannery for Taxidermy!


Sivko Fur Inc is the BEST tannery for Taxidermists!


“I ordered some fox from Sivko Fur and received outstanding service. Responded quickly, provided accurate descriptions with pictures and shipped the same day. Can't ask for anything better than that! Dan”…Sea Duck 8/2011

“Sivko is another good one and does a great job, I’ve used them often...They also have a good turn-around time.”…freeze 1 7/2011

“Sivko Fur's pelts are great, I'd recommend them anytime if you want one already tanned. I've bought a couple skins from them in the past (and had them tan 2 black bears and several deer hides for me) and have always been really happy with the results, and they are definitely worth the price!”… Willinghams Taxidermy 6/2011

“Try Sivko Fur, great to deal with. john”…disabled 4/2011

“I got a chance to talk with Bob this past weekend at the SC show. Man what a nice guy. He brought with him some extremely nice furs and the biggest bobcat rugs i have seen.. Jason” … WILDWORLDTAXI 3/2011

“I dealt with them and they were very nice.”… Krysta 2/2011

“I'd recommend Sivko Fur as a great tannery for bears (and other large animals for that matter) They do have a wholesale fleshing service as well, so you can send the hide in green if you can't properly prep it yourself… I had two full-size black bears tanned by them last year and they came back beautiful…. Sivko did an excellent professional job on them.”… Willinghams Taxidermy 2/2011

“Sivko is great 2 do business with. I usually like 2 see pictures before I make a purchase but with Sivko it will be what they say”… bluestem taxidermy 3/2011

“I received my first shipment back from them today and all I can say is WOW!!! Nice and clean great stretch. OUTSTANDING service. Thanks Sivko.”… David B 1/2011

“The only thing African they've tanned for me was an elephant. I had it wet tanned and it was awesome. They were highly recommended to me from another taxidermist who has used them several times for elephants. Ann was really helpful w/ shipping and bent over backwards to help me out”.. Jeff 11/2010

“I'm simply over the moon right now, my Coyote Wallhangers I ordered from Sivko Furs have finally arrived! 100% pleasure dealing with Sivko Fur, and I would love to do business with them again in near future!”

... Ginger2000 11/2010

“Ann and Bob are the best, I’m sure they will fix you up.”… Bill Yox 8/2010

“Sivko did a GREAT job on my bear!”… jimhow 8/2010

“Sivko Fur Awesome. I just got another order from Sivko Fur. What good people to deal with, Bob and Ann are awesome They do a great job Thanks Ann and Bob Hope to have many more good dealings with you both”

… john 8/2010

“Bob thanks for your help the last few days. I really appreciate when someone like your self does what he says he’s going to do. Good way to run a successful tannery! Thanks again.”… Bill Yox 8/2010

I can vouch for Sivko Fur... great business to work with... got everything quickly and in beautiful condition.

“I too have purchased hides off Bob & Anne, both wonderful to deal with.”… trappermario40 8/2010

“Great Dealings with Sivko Fur. Bob, at Sivko Fur is fantastic guy to deal with. Very thorough, descriptive and called to make sure my order was correct. I bought tanned whitetail hides from him, excellent shape and I'll be back for more.”… ASM 8/2010

“I can vouch for Sivko Fur... great business to work with... got everything quickly and in beautiful condition.”

… Silver Bear 6/2010

“Great Dealings with Sivko Fur! Just received my life size coyote in the mail. It is beautiful, excellent quality. I was surprised with how quickly they responded as well. Thanks so much!”… Wolfie101 6/2010

“Awesome Dealings with Sivko Fur! I received my red-blond coyote in the mail today and the pictures they showed me at first don't do it justice- this pelt is so beautiful! They were super fast with shipping, extremely friendly and a pleasure to deal with. I would, and certainly will, do business with them again. Thanks for the great pelt”… Juuku 6/2010

“I mounted a smaller one today and Sivko’s tan has really good stretch. I got another 2” in the girth where I would not have with the WLG's tan.”… NID-20 5/2010

“I've had great luck with Sivko. I’ve sent furs there 3 times and they all turned out great.”… Burdman 4/2010

“If you are looking to do business with a reputable, reliable person, Bob is your guy. Bob will make every effort to address your needs. Your success is his success”…Randy Miller 3/2010


“Sivko fur is a real good tannery… I have bought capes from them and was pleased.”…siffordstaxidermy 3/2010



“I also use Sivko and am really happy with the turn around time about 30 days. Also if you are a good customer and paid up they offer shipping at their cost on anything you ship, just give them a call and tell them size and weight and they send you a label and UPS picks it up at your door and they will bill you. Met them at the Pa show and they are very nice people.”


…Killn Time 3/2011

Sivko tanning is the best! Professional Taxidermists Recommend Sivko Fur Inc Tannery in Canisteo, NY

“Sivko fur they have 30 day wet tan and 10 % off if done that way and they do a good job”…Disabled 3/2010

“Sivko tanning is the best!”… buckstop 9/2009

“ great people to deal with, highly recommended thanks Ann and Bob for the zebra"

... outwoods taxidermy 6/12/09

"Sivko fur. THANKS!! You are all great people to deal with! " ... horntrapper 5/11/09

"Just a note to let you know that "Sivko Fur" has super fast Wet Tanning, my bears are beautiful!”....pjstaxidermy 6/3/09

“I talked to the fine folks at Sivko this morning. As usual they were very helpful & saved me over $100. on a job they will be doing for us. They are first class all the way.”…bill@hogheaven 9/28/07

“We got a bear back from Sivko Fur this week, as usual a great tan with an even better shaving job. The taxidermist will have a good foundation to start from.”…bill@hogheaven 11/22/07

“Sivko rocks when it comes to bears. I wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere after seeing the difference for myself.”… bill@hogheaven 10/8/08

“Hogs & deer we do in house. Every thing else, bears bison elk etc we have done by Sivko & like them. Their bears are really nice. We have used them for several years. Good product, nice people. ”….bill@hogheaven 10/15/08

“Sivko is outstanding on bears. I had a chance to compare theirs with some of the other tanneries & they are better. Their turnaround is also pretty quick. We send them ALL our bears & will continue to do so.”

…bill@hogheaven 10/21/08

“If you are getting greasy bears back from a tannery you need a new tannery. Try Sivko they do a great job on bears wet or dry.”…bill@hogheaven 1/4/09

“I use Sivko for tanning & they do a great job. There customer service is also excellent”….bill@hogheaven 1/11/09

“You won’t go wrong if you use Sivko Fur ”…bill@hogheaven 1/16/09

"They do all our bears, best I’ve seen.".....bill@hogheaven 6/4/09

"I had the pleasure to see some of skins for sale at Sivko today, (and bought some of the beavers) The dry tanned otter is stunning. Nice people, and the quality is as they say".....woodmandan 6/16/09

"Try contacting Sivko. Great people to deal with too".... 300savage 6/12/09

“I did talk to Ann at Sivko & you were great. …….Thanks again Ann you helped me greatly.”..…. Yelper 5/22/08

“Sivko tannery that’s where I send mine, and they always come out great”…Chadf 11/6/08

“I used them (Sivko Fur) to wet tan LS whitetail, wt capes. I also had several back hides and small game animals dry tanned. Everything went really well with them, and I will be using them again. They are nice people to deal with, and their tans were nice.”…. Marty Dupertuis 10/14/2008

“I've used them (Sivko Fur) a lot for deer, caribou etc., never had a problem with them. They're wet is great and good turn around times.”…tomdes 10/15/08

“Sivko (dry tan) had them back to me in 7-8 weeks, wet tanned were about 4 weeks”...tomdes 3/9/07

“I haven't had any problems with Sivko, I've used them for 4 years now. They seem to hit that 6-8 week mark for dry tan every time and wet tan is 3-4 weeks.”… tomdes 1/12/07

“I used them (Sivko Fur) for a couple of whitetails last year and I was very happy.”….WST 10/15/08

“here in Michigan you do not need a license to do your own animals, the only time you need a license is when you charge for your services, i just got my first shipment of skins to Sivko, back and was pleased, very good turnaround- 2 weeks”….BradC 12/23/07

“nothin but good experiences with Sivko Fur here as well”….BradC 10/21/08

“give Sivko fur a try ”…joe simmons 12/4/06

“I have used both and have found Sivko's wet tan to be nice”…HTC 12/4/06

“This is Dave Shaw. I would like to thank everyone for their responses and concerns. And a special thank you, to you Bob and Ann at Sivko Fur for all that you have done and continue to do for me.”….stuffer#1 5/15/08

“Try Sivko Fur, they do a great job. I have not had any problems yet.. Quick turn around on wet tan as well,”…Homestead 7/10/07

“I have also used Sivko Fur and will be using them again .A nice quality tan and fast turn around usually 3-4 weeks for wet tanned whitetails, 10 day turnaround for a little extra. John”…Homestead 1/30/08

“Hey right here is Sivko, from my state. I know they support my state association, have donated tanning and I haven’t heard anything negative….hint hint”…Bill Yox 8/07

“I have a commercial tannery do all my tanning, for capes I have been using wet tan. I have the capes back in two weeks. I would rather have someone else do my tanning. It gives me more time to do other things. The cost of equipment to do my own tanning is another factor. Sivko does a better job then I could ever dream of doing.”…buckstop 2/5/08

“I like Sivko. Excellent turnaround and their tanning quality is great, lots of stretch.”….buckstop 3/13/08

“I have used Sivko Fur and they offer a very short turn around on their wet tans. They mount up nice and their shavers are exceptional.”…CraigR 12/12/08

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