Sivko Fur, Incorporated - Tanning for Taxidermy. The BEST tannery for taxidermists around the world. Sivko Fur is located in upstate New York
SIVKO FUR INC. is a Full Service Tannery for the Taxidermy Industry providing wet and dry tanning.


 ~ Our turn around time as of 12/1/21:

  North American wet tan: 8 weeks or less.
North American dry tan: 6 months or less.
Large North American and African wet and dry tanning:

Call for tanning availability and turn-around time.

All pictures taken within a 3 mile radius of our property. Courtesy of Richard Sills. Unless otherwise noted.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Canisteo NY is located just above the PA state line in western NY.


“What is your turnaround?”

It depends on if you are getting the item wet tanned or dry tanned. The turn-around also depends on the time of year we receive your item. This is a feast or famine business. We always concentrate all of our resources on getting the regular wet tanning done as soon as possible during the height of the season. Then we concentrate on completing the regular dry tanning.

If you need it faster than that, we can do a wet tan rush service for 50% extra and have it done in 28 days or less.

The dry tan process takes longer.

Large African and large North American items, whether wet or dry tanned, always take longer.


“Why do you charge more for extra length on capes and what is considered extra long?”

A standard shoulder mount form does not include the forelegs. In the last few years some forms have come on the market that fall in between a half life size and a standard shoulder mount. These new forms typically include the forelegs. They typically also cost more than a standard shoulder mount form. Therefore the capes for these forms cost more to tan because they require more shaving. The same can be said about pedestal forms versus standard wall forms.

A cape is considered extra long when the forelegs are still on the cape and/or when the back or briscuit of the cape extend well beyond where the forelegs were.

Our extra length charge should not be confused with the charges that some tanneries put on deer with larger neck measurements or that charge different prices for different species of deer. Other tanneries have simply raised their prices on all capes to cover the cost of tanning extra long capes. So everyone pays for extra length even when some capes are not extra long. We’ve chosen not to penalize taxidermists who take the time to trim their capes to the necessary length.

“How do you measure square footage? What is linear inch/foot?”

We measure skins when they come out of the pickle, when they are wet and being shaved the first time. Some species are billed by the square foot, some by linear foot, and some by linear inch.

To measure the square footage, we measure from the top of the hide down the spine to the base of the tail (length) and we measure across the middle of the hide (width). For example, a elk hide that is 6’ long (to the base of its tail) and 5’ wide across its middle = 30 square feet x $11.50

To measure linear inches, we measure from the nose down the spine to the base of the tail. For example, a wolf that is 4 and half feet long from the nose to the beginning of its tail = (4.5 x 12"=54") x $3.25

Please note that on snakes, we measure the entire length from tip to tip.

**Note** For linear measurements the width of the item does not matter, only the length.

To measure linear foot, we measure from the nose to the base of the tail or the end of the cape. A bear cape would be measured from the nose over the top of its head to the end of the cape. On a life size bear, we measure from the nose down the length of the spine to the base of the tail. For example, a life size bear measured 63”= 5.25 feet x $40.  Please note, on alligators and crocodiles: we measure these items from top of the hide to the tip of the tail.


**Note** Once again the width does not matter for linear calculations.


“Do you do all of your services in-house, or do you sub contract it out?”

This is a question you should ask every tannery you do business with. YES, all of our tanning services including pickling, shaving, and tanning are done in-house on our property.

“Are you fully insured against fire, flood, natural disaster and theft? Do you have Bailee’s coverage on my skins while they are in your possession? ”

This is a question you should ask every tannery you do business with and if they sub contract it out; do the sub contractors have the proper insurance? YES, we have both full coverage insurance PLUS a rider with Bailee’s insurance to cover YOUR customers’ skins in the event of a loss due to fire, flood, theft or natural disaster. If your tannery doesn’t know what a Bailee’s policy rider is, chances are they don’t have it… they may have insurance for the replacement of their building and their equipment but without the Bailee’s policy you or your customers’ trophies would not be covered.


“Do you offer a discount shipping program to your customers?”

YES, we refer to it as the “call tag program”. We have negotiated discounted rates with UPS because of the volume of boxes that we ship annually. We offer our customers in good standing the opportunity to ship boxes on our UPS account which gives them access to our discounted rates. This allows our customers to not only ship boxes to us for less but also to ship boxes from their studio to their customers for less. Please read page 3 of our pricelist entitled “Call Tag Program”.

“Do you offer a discount for wet tanning?”

YES, our wet tan prices are 10% cheaper than our dry tan prices. Please note that in order to get this discount; your wet tan order must be pre-paid either by sending a check in your box or by keeping a credit card on file in our system.


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